Vote NO on Tim Eyman’s I-976

All parts of our state are growing, and some of our worst growing pains are around commutes and transportation.

Our roads and highways are some of the most congested in the nation, causing us to spend hundreds of hours stuck in traffic each year. We also have roads and bridges in dangerous condition and freight corridors in need of improvement.

Tim Eyman’s I-976 would devastate our already strained transportation system by stopping projects from Spokane to Seattle, Bellingham to Vancouver and all points in between.


By repealing critical transportation funding, I-976 cripples our ability to fix dangerous highways, retrofit bridges and overpasses, fund transit, expand light rail, maintain ferries, build voter-approved projects, improve freight corridors, and invest in the Washington State Patrol.


Vulnerable neighbors are impacted most by I-976. Not only does I-976 threaten funds to build and maintain roads, bridges and safe and reliable transit, but it specifically targets funds that pay for special services for seniors, veterans, children and the disabled.  I-976 also threatens to cut transit services across the state, cutting off access to opportunity to many Washingtonians.

By repealing critical transportation funding, I-976 puts major transportation projects across the state at risk and makes it harder for local communities to solve their own transportation problems.


Our economy depends on our transportation system. Whether you are a farmer trying to get your product to a port, or a small retail business, or even a large business with employees who commute to work, you depend on a safe and effective transportation system.

I-976 threatens road, rail and public transportation investments that connect millions of people to jobs, education, health care, and each other every year.

Vote NO on I-976.

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