NO on I-976 One Page Fact Sheet Preview
Download our one-page NO on I-976 fact sheet, which explains the destructive impacts of Tim Eyman’s latest initiative.

Welcome to the website of the NO on I-976 campaign. We are a coalition of Washingtonians working to safeguard our state’s vital investments in transit and freedom of mobility by defeating Tim Eyman’s I-976.

What is I-976, and what would it do? 

I-976 is an initiative to the 2019 Legislature that would wipe out funding for Amtrak Cascades, Sound Transit Link light rail, Sounder commuter rail, express bus, bus rapid transit, and neighborhood bus service in communities across Washington State. The initiative’s objective is to repeal vehicle fees that fund transit investments at the state, regional, and local levels.

Implementation of I-976 would jeopardize the completion of voter approved projects to liberate commuters from severe congestion in Puget Sound, as well as causing bus routes and service in communities outside of Puget Sound to be eliminated. Also gravely threatened would be Amtrak Cascades, which links Seattle with Everett, Mukilteo, Stanwood, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Vancouver, British Columbia, Tukwila, Tacoma, Lacey/Olympia, Centralia, Kelso/Longview, Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

Good-paying jobs in construction and the building trades would also be at risk of elimination if I-976 is implemented.

If the Legislature takes no action on Initiative 976 before the end of the 2019 regular session, it will appear on the November 2019 ballot.

Who’s behind I-976?

Tim Eyman.

For over twenty years, Eyman has sponsored initiatives to dismantle vital public services and wreck government so it can’t fulfill the noble purposes which our Founders intended. I-976 is Eyman’s latest bad idea.

Isn’t Eyman being sued for violating our public disclosure laws?

Yes. The State of Washington has filed four campaign finance enforcement lawsuits against Eyman. The first three were filed in September of 2016 (and were subsequently consolidated); the fourth was filed in March of 2017. Eyman has made stonewalling in the extreme his legal defense strategy in order to escape accountability for his past lawbreaking.

How can I help fight I-976?

You can:

  1. Sign up to receive campaign updates and be notified about organizing opportunities.
  2. Ask groups you are part of to adopt our model resolution and join the coalition.