NO on Tim Eyman's I-976 Our Coalition

Our Coalition

Keep Washington Rolling is a statewide coalition of business, labor and transit leaders who work together to improve our transportation system in Washington.
Since 2005, the coalition has worked together to both advocate for and protect investments in transportation.

First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighters Oppose I-976

“We oppose this dangerous measure because it would stop thousands of needed road safety repair projects across the state, putting driver and pedestrian safety at greater risk.”

– Washington State Patrol Troopers Association & Washington State Council of Fire Fighters

Environment, Transportation, & Community Advocates Oppose I-976

I-976 poses devastating impacts to every level of our transportation and transit systems, touching every corner of Washington State. This initiative would cut billions of dollars from transportation projects and eliminate hundreds of thousands of transit hours at a time when our people, planet, and economy need more transit, not less.”

-Transportation Choices Coalition

Along with:

Businesses and Workers Oppose I-976

“We need freight corridors and transit options to get goods to market, but we also need them to build houses and universities and provide services like health care and public safety. We can’t risk another decade or two of having our roads and bridges fall apart. Vote No on I-976.”

– Larry Brown, President, Washington State Labor Council AFL-CIO 

“If it’s approved, I-976 will remove billions from the transportation budget at a time when we can least afford it, jeopardizing critical projects throughout the state. Now is not the time to pull back from investing in projects that will make our roads safer, reduce congestion and improve our economy.”

– Association of Washington Business

Along with:

Civic Organizations Oppose I-976

Full list of No on I-976 Endorsements

Business & Economy

  • A & R Solar
  • American Council of Engineering Companies – Washington
  • American Council of Engineering Companies – Oregon
  • Association of General Contractors, Washington
  • Association of General Contractors, Inland Northwest Chapter
  • Association of Washington Business
  • Bellevue Chamber of Commerce
  • Bellevue Downtown Association
  • Downtown Seattle Association
  • Economic Alliance of Snohomish County
  • Expedia
  • Fire Mountain Solar
  • GeoEngineers, Inc.
  • Greater Seattle Business Association: Washington’s LGBTQ and Allied Chamber
  • Greater Spokane Incorporated
  • Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
  • H.W. Lochner, Inc.
  • Nichols Brothers Boat Builders
  • NW National Construction Alliance
  • PRR
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
  • Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce
  • Washington Economic Development Association
  • Washington Roundtable

Environment, Transportation, & Community Advocates

  • 350 Seattle
  • All Aboard Washington
  • Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy
  • Asian Counseling and Referral Service
  • Community Center for Education Results
  • Audubon Washington
  • Cascade Bicycle Club
  • Climate Solutions
  • Downtown on the Go
  • Earth Ministry
  • El Centro de la Raza
  • Feet First
  • Front and Centered
  • Futurewise
  • Got Green
  • Healthy King County
  • HomeSight
  • Housing Development Consortium
  • Kent Youth and Family Services
  • Kitsap Environmental Coalition
  • Lid I-5
  • MIG
  • National Resources Defense Council
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • New Progressive Alliance
  • Northwest Energy Coalition
  • Puget Sound Sage
  • RE Sources for Sustainable Communities
  • School’s Out Washington
  • Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness
  • Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
  • Seattle Subway
  • Sierra Club
  • Transit Riders Union
  • Transportation Choices Coalition
  • The Urbanist
  • Washington Bikes
  • Washington Environmental Council/Washington Conservation Voters
  • Welcoming Wallingford
  • The Wilderness Society
  • Youth Development Executives of King County
  • YouthCare


  • 5th District Democrats
  • 27th District Democrats
  • 34th District Democrats
  • 36th District Democrats
  • 37th District Democrats
  • 38th District Democrats
  • 41st District Democrats
  • 43rd District Democrats
  • 46th District Democrats
  • 47th District Democrats
  • Chelan County Democrats
  • Fuse Washington
  • Jefferson County Democrats
  • King County Young Democrats
  • Kitsap County Democrats
  • League of Women Voters
  • Mainstream Republicans
  • Majority Rules
  • North Seattle Progressives
  • Northwest Progressive Institute
  • Olympia Indivisible
  • Retired Public Employees Council of Washington
  • San Juan County Democrats
  • Skagit County Democrats
  • Spokane County Democrats Executive Committee
  • Washington State Democrats
  • Washington State Patrol Lieutenants and Captains Association
  • Washington State Patrol Troopers Association
  • Whatcom County Democrats


  • Amalgamated Transit Union Legislative Council of Washington State
  • ATU 587
  • Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
  • IBEW 46
  • IBEW 73
  • IBEW 76
  • IBEW 112
  • IBEW 191
  • Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific
  • IUOE 302
  • Laborers Local 238
  • Longview/Kelso Building Trades Council
  • Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
  • Spokane Regional Labor Council AFL-CIO
  • UAW 4121
  • Washington and Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers
  • Washington Federation of State Employees, AFSCME
  • Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO
  • Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Elected Officials

  • Governor Jay Inslee
  • Mayor Jenny Durkan, City of Seattle
  • Mayor Dave Earling, City of Edmonds
  • Mayor Cassie Franklin, City of Everett
  • Mayor Jennifer Gregerson, City of Mukilteo
  • Mayor Kyoko Matsumoto Wright, City of Mountlake Terrace
  • Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle, City of Vancouver
  • Mayor Nicola Smith, City of Lynnwood
  • Mayor Penny Sweet, City of Kirkland
  • Mayor Victoria Woodards, City of Tacoma
  • Executive Dow Constantine, King County
  • Executive Dave Somers, Snohomish County
  • State Senator Andy Billig
  • State Senator Mona Das
  • State Senator Steve Hobbs
  • State Senator Sam Hunt
  • State Senator Joe Nguyen
  • State Senator Emily Randall
  • State Senator Rebecca Saldaña
  • State Senator Lisa Wellman
  • State House Representative Lisa Callan
  • State House Representative Mike Chapman
  • State House Representative Lauren Davis
  • State House Representative Beth Doglio
  • State House Representative Jake Fey
  • State House Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
  • State House Representative Mia Gregerson
  • State House Representative Zack Hudgins
  • State House Representative Shelley Kloba
  • State House Representative Nicole Macri
  • State House Representative Jared Mead
  • State House Representative Timm Ormsby
  • State House Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self
  • State House Representative Mike Pellicciotti
  • State House Representative Bill Ramos
  • State House Representative Marcus Riccelli
  • State House Representative Cindy Ryu
  • State House Representative Sharon Shewmake
  • State House Representative Monica Stonier
  • State House Representative Gael Tarleton
  • State House Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos
  • State House Representative Vandana Slatter
  • State House Representative Amy Walen
  • Commissioner Helen Price Johnson, Island County
  • Councilmember Claudia Balducci, King County Council
  • Councilmember Angela Birney, City of Redmond
  • Councilmember Larry Brown, City of Auburn
  • Councilmember Kate Burke, City of Spokane
  • Councilmember Rod Dembowski, King County Council
  • Councilmember Clark Gilman, City of Olympia
  • Councilmember Karen Guzak, City of Snohomish
  • Councilmember Dennis Higgins, City of Kent
  • Councilmember Rick Hughes, San Juan County Council
  • Councilmember Steven Kasner, East Bellevue Community Council
  • Councilmember Phillippa Kassover, City of Lake Forest Park
  • Councilmember Joe McDermott, King County Council
  • Councilmember Ryan McIrvin, City of Renton
  • Councilmember Ryan Mello, City of Tacoma
  • Councilmember Abel Pacheco, City Seattle
  • Councilmember Ed Prince, City of Renton
  • Councilmember Paul Roberts, City of Everett
  • Council President Ben Stuckart, City of Spokane
  • Councilmember Ryan Walters, City of Anacortes
  • Councilmember Ben Wick, City of Spokane Valley
  • Councilmember Lynda Zeman, City of Lacey
  • Boardmember Kirstin Haugen, King Conservation District

Resolutions against I-976

  • Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
  • City of Auburn
  • City of Bainbridge Island
  • City of Burien
  • City of Cheney
  • City of Edmonds
  • City of Everett
  • City of Kenmore
  • City of Kirkland
  • City of Lake Forest Park
  • City of Lynnwood
  • City of Sammamish
  • City of Seattle
  • City of Shoreline
  • City of Tacoma
  • City of Tumwater
  • City of Vancouver


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